Rainforests are treasure troves of life, home to some of the most biologically and culturally diverse landscapes on earth. Since 1985, Rainforest Action Network has designed strategic campaigns utilizing bold tactics to defend the world’s most important and endangered forests.

Tragically, most of the world’s original forests have already been lost or degraded, and those that remain are falling fast. The scale and pace of deforestation in Indonesia alone is so extreme it is having devastating consequences for species, communities and the climate. RAN’s campaigns are designed to confront the two primary drivers of this destruction, the expansion of palm oil plantations and logging by the pulp and paper industry.

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The average North American touches paper countless times a day. Yet the true environmental and social costs of these everyday products often go unnoticed.

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Disney has taken a major stand for Indonesia's rainforests. Please thank Disney for cutting rainforest destruction out of its supply chain now!



Over the last four years, RAN has worked closely with publishers to develop and innovate the best practices for eliminating controversial fiber and suppliers from supply chains, and verifying and implementing forest commitments.
This report profiles the palm oil plantation practices of one of Malaysia’s biggest palm oil producers, Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad (KLK).
In rainforests half a world away from the United States, orangutans are making their last stand for survival. Scientists warn that these gentle and intelligent animals, among humankind’s closest kin, could become extinct within our lifetime if their rainforest homes continue to be destroyed for palm oil plantations. But the primary threat pushing them toward extinction lies much closer to home than you may think: you’ll find it hidden in the snack food aisle of your local grocery store, and likely in your own shopping cart.

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